Streaming Operations

Stanel Fuel Trucks

We offer a regulated standard service across the country in product, quality and efficiency. We provide this level of quality service due to the varied depots from which we lift our products and the number of trucks and drivers in our fleets. We have the scale of operation to deliver the quality and quantity required to keep generators in operations all year round.


After-Scale Consultation

Our one stop solutions center.

We follow up and ensure keep a long-term customer relationship with all our clients. To this end, we will proffer solutions to improving diesel management and maintenance of equipment in the long term.


Fuel Station- Efficiency

Our large filling stations across the Country.

We ensure our newly constructed Ultra Modern station provide fuel to customer at pump price and operate 24 hours.


Ultra-modern car maintenance Center

One of our car centers.

We provide a car maintenance center and it is fitted with the cutting edge equipment designed primarily to increase longevity of your automotive and car parts susceptible to wear and tear. Our equipment include

  1. Ultra modern wheel balancing
  2. Rim straightening Machine
  3. Break Disk Repair and calibration Equipment
  4. Express oil change and car Servicing
  5. Car wash Center
  6. Computerized check engine Service
  7. Tire changing equipment
  8. Car Polishing and scratch removal

Adulterated Alternative Products

Our Products

We provide solutions to hazardous effects of adulterated petroleum products with guarantees and Customer assurance on products at minimal cost!


Efficiency Capacity

Our Long Shuttle Trucks

We provide adequate Long and Shuttle Trucks which can access our customers’ at any point in time. Our high quality diesel lasts longer than diesel from other vendors.



Stanel Tyres stand head to head with most international Tyres.

We pride ourselves with our state of the art tyre service center; we offer 3D alignment service with a distinct accuracy on vehicles.