About Stanel Group

We Are Reputable.

Stanel Group was established in the year 2011 and registered with corporate affairs Commission in March, 2011. We are an energy company that specializes in the marketing and distribution of PMS, AGO DPK amongst others for domestic and industrial use.

Our high quality diesel is shuttled to Companies, Schools, Hospital, Restaurants,Construction Sites, Offices of all Scales and other corporate establishments.

As a Potential Leading Group, we provide the highest quality in the Market. Our Mobile filling station is equipped with automated calibrated metering dispensing Pumps that ensure accurate billings which eradicate shortages. The equipment installed onboard detects and prevents the loading of adulterated product, thus ensuring the quality and standard of our Products to customers.

What We Do

We provide a car maintenance center and it is fitted with the cutting edge equipment designed primarily to increase longevity of your automotive and car parts susceptible to wear and tear. Our equipment include:

  • Ultra modern wheel balancing
  • Rim straightening Machine
  • Break Disk Repair and calibration Equipment
  • Express oil change and car Servicing
  • Car wash Center
  • Computerized check engine Service
  • Tire changing equipment
  • Car Polishing and scratch removal

Business Principles

Stanel Group’s business principles:

Some of our clients