Some of our products include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Premium Motor Spirit: Our Ultra Modern service stations provides PMS (fuel) to customers at the government approved pump price and operates 24/7.

  • Automotive Gas and Oil (AGO/Diesel): We supply AGO/Diesel to companies, schools, construction sites, hospitals and other corporate establishments at a highly competitive price & prompt delivery.

  • Bulk and Retail Supply: The supply of petroleum products is a service we provide as part of activities in the downstream sector and it cuts across a wide range of industries; companies, schools, construction sites, hospitals etc.

  • Marine Services: With our deep understanding and unparalleled knowledge of the maritime industry and possible risks, we offer the services of provision of State of the Art Marine Vessels and logistics Support.

  • Kero & Gas Home Delivery/Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK): To make the process easy for our customers, at Stanel we run a 24-hour door to door delivery service to deliver Kero and Gas effortlessly at their doorsteps. Our Kero On Demand initiative is geared towards the supply of kerosene to local communities, bypassing expensive middle men and carry out door to door delivery service.

  • Automobile Maintenance: Maintenance is the routine scheduled services, inspection and part replacements that your vehicle manufacturer recommends. You can rely on us for preventive automobile maintenance services at Stanel.

  • Tyres: In a bid to constantly deliver excellence, Stanel has partnered with Koyor Tyres to bring Strength and durability to the roads. Our Tyres are the best there is, with the different sizes and best profiles.

  • Engine Oil: Stanel also produces high quality lubricants designed to protect car engines. And different specifications for different engine sizes.