Stanel Group is an energy company specialized in marketing Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), AGO and Kero. The company has also expanded in its functions; and is now engaged in the production and sales of automobile parts, vehicle consumables amongst others for domestic and industrial use.


Stanel Group Limited

It is a company reputed for its unwavering commitment to excellent products and service delivery for maximal customer satisfaction.

Stanel boasts of great experience in marketing, a unique understanding of research and quality control, continuous application of such in all business practice in order to offer the best propositions to customers. The company has equally developed an innovative means of distributing our products through our wide network of outlets; investment in financial and technical resources in high-performance products and in the provision of services that match or even surpass international standards, paying strict attention to the finest details of health, safety and environmental best practices.


To make petroleum products readily available right in record time at the convenience of clients by eliminating all forms of prevalent challenges in energy distribution.


To be the leading marketing and distributing company of petroleum and gas products in Nigeria and beyond.


Stanel Group's Core values are built on 8 principles:

  • Quality: We ensure we provide the highest quality sustainability
  • Effectiveness and Promptness: We ensure we are Effective and timely in the delivery of our products.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We ensure Our Client’s convenience and comfort is taken into full consideration
  • Accuracy: We ensure accurate billing and dispensing of our products consistently
  • Dedication: We provide a dedicated and unwavering 24 hour customer service
  • Goal driven: We ensure our workforce is highly motivated to produce outstanding result.
  • Excellence: We aim for excellence and exceptional result and service performance and we make it our watch word
  • Fidelity: We make it a policy to keep to our word.


  • Result driven: we add value to customer, highly committed and accountable to them.
  • People: diversity, development and safety.
  • Continuous improvement: we seek – to challenge the status quo, proactive in incremental improvement, and positive change.
  • Collaboration: we adopt global best practices, transparency and collective spirit.